About the journal

„Artium Quaestiones”

ISSN O239-202x



The „Artium Quaestiones” is an annual journal edited by Art History Department of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. It comes out since 1979 and was conceived as a platform for discussions on crucial questions of art history. We publish both theoretical texts, as well as interpretations of works of art indicating new research perspectives. We are open to both articles providing the complementary factual materials about the leading historians of art and the texts analysing the significant contemporary methodological trends. Occasionally in the journal we publish bibliographies of deceased art historians from our Department, as well as of friends of the Department i.e. researchers who haven’t their own Institute affiliation. An important part of our activity is preparing – for the each issue – the Polish translations of texts, which are considered fundamental for the history of art, defining new ways of research or initiating methodological discussion. That’s why we publish comprehensive reviews of important books too.