Halina Bator, Landscapes in Japonese painting, graphic and drawing of Edo and Meiiji period (1600-1912)

Diana Bojczuk, Ukrainian artists in Prague in the time of transformation 1990-2000. Issues of artistic careers.

Katarzyna Drozdowska, Aleksandria: the residence of Aleksandra Engelhardt and Franciszek Ksawery Branicki

Ewelina Drzewiecka, The facade of San Pietro in Spoleto. An attemph of interpretation of symbolism in the Romanesque reliefs

Karolina Dyjas, Mask in the culture and art of antiquity

Jan Elantkowski, Holocaust and remembrance in public art in Budapest

Agata Fedeńczak, ‘The Foksal Gallery Foundation’ and Art Market

Marta Furtak, Between Tradition and Liberalism. Polish critical in “Gazeta Wyborcza” in the years 1989 – 2009

Katarzyna Gaszczyńska, Timber Framing Architekture in Poznań of the 19 th c. and 20 th c.

Jacek Gernat, Woodcarving figure by Michael Ignaz Klahr for altars on territory of County Glatz

Maria Jankowska-Andrzejewska, On the margins of the thaw`s ‘modernity’. Matter painting of Danuta Urbanowicz.

Marta Kabsch, Jarosław Kozakiewicz`projects for Poznan. Punctum, Wall Curtain and Endless Tower

Natalia Kafel, Poster Art in Silesia from the 40s of the XXth century to the present

Dorota Kamińska, Woman and Interior in Aino Kannisto`s Photography
Anna Kołos, Quoting pictorial tradition in the poetics of pop-art in polish, hungarian and slovak art in the period of socialism.

Joanna Korecka-Szulc, Samostrzel – the Residence of the Bniński Family

Jadwiga Kosicka, Outdoor sculpture in Poznan in the 60`s and 70`s of the 20 th century. Rataje and Citadel

Urszula Lewicka, Raster,s E-poch®. New Generation, Internet and Revolution in Polish Art Criticism

Matylda Małecka, Metabolism and mettabolists in the japenese architekture

Ewelina Muraszkiewicz, Contextual art- Jan Świdziński and maciej Kurak

Paweł Napierała, Hyacinto Malczewski. Pictura imponderablia

Iwona Pityńska, Stalowa Wola of the 1930s. The Main Town of the Central Industrial District in the Context of Urbanism and Architecture of Interwar Period

Magdalena Rozenbajger, Women photographers – Polish she documentalists 1989 – 2011

Hanna Skrzypczak, ‘Your wings wil embrace me …’ Angels in paintings of Jacek Malczewski

Maria Skrzypczak, The Child Motif in Christian Boltanski`s Work

Katarzyna Stachowska-Mendyka, Gniezno Catedral treasure

Karolina Staszak, The Theme of Susanna and the Elders in Rubens’ Pictorial Interpretations

Katarzyna Walczak – Nowaczyk, Bernardin monastery of Kazimierz Biskupi

Blanka Wiatrowska, The influence of Berlin style on the architekture of XIX century manor houses and palaces of Wielkopolska

Karolina Woźniak, Representationes of St. Mary as the Apocalyptic Woman on the exemple of a group of late-Gothic sculptures in the Archdiocesan Museum in Poznań

Monika Woźniak, The predella with the Adoration of the Magi from the collection of Archdiocesan Museum in Poznań. The problem of the grafic prototypes in the workshop of the triptych from Szamotuły

Paulina Woźniak, Representationes of Saint Anne’s in the late-Gothic sculpture of Wielkopolska. On the example of the groupe of works in the Archdiocesan Museum in Poznań.

Jacek Zwierzyński, Black Flowers. The Mechanisms of Remebering the Past of African America and Kara Walker`s Art With Parrticular Emphasis on ‘8 Possble Beginnings’.

Angelika Żygulska, Buildings of benevolent institions in the antique and Early Middle Ages