Kornelia Drozdek,  Visualizing “Chinese Dream” and its deconstruction in contemporary Chinese art
(Supervisor: prof. UAM dr hab. Agata Jakubowska)

Katarzyna Janicka, The mausoleum of Hutten-Czapski family in Smogulec. The ideological and political dimension of style in 19th century architecture
(Supervisor: prof. zw. dr hab. Tadeusz J. Żuchowski)

Barbara Kaniewska, Representation of the creative process in biopic movies about visual artists
(Supervisor: prof. UAM dr hab. Piotr Juszkiewicz) 

Paweł Krakowski, Manor and grange in Płotno (ger. Blankensee) – historical overview and analysis
(Supervisor: prof. UAM dr hab. Jan Skuratowicz)

Paulina Kucaba, Characteristics of the church architecture of Stanisław Niemczyk on chosen examples
(Supervisor: prof UAM dr hab, Mariusz Bryl)

Monika Michalak, Women in the kitchen: architect, housewife, maid – about kitchen interior in the interwar period
(Supervisor: prof. UAM dr hab. Piotr Korduba)

Paweł Michna, Rationalization and Hygiene. The Iconography of Modernity in selected Albums from the Łódź Ghetto
(Supervisor: prof. UAM dr hab. Agata Jakubowska)

Małgorzata Sobocińska, Between documentation and performance. Performativity in the works of Aneta Grzeszykowska, Elżbieta Jabłońska and Zofia Kulik
(Supervisor: prof. UAM dr hab. Agata Jakubowska)

Paulina Wojnowska, The revitalization of the castle in Ciechanow and the problem of reconstruction of castles in Poland
(Supervisor: prof. UAM dr hab. Jarosław Jarzewicz)