KSIĄŻKA: Art in Transfer in the Era of Pop

14 stycznia 2017
Aktualności « Powrót

Informujemy, że nakładem wydawnictwa Uniwersytetu Södertörn ukazała się publikacja pokonferencyjna pt. „Art in Transfer in the Era of Pop: Curatorial Practices and Transnational Strategies”. Książkę otwiera tekst prof. Piotra Piotrowskiego („Why Were There No Great Pop Art Curatorial Projects in Eastern Europe in the 1960s?”). Współautorką opracowania jest także prof. Agata Jakubowska („Personalising the Global History of Pop Art. Alina Szapocznikow And Maria Pinińska-Bereś”). Publikacja poświęcona jest pamięci prof. Piotrowskiego.

Z noty wydawniczej:

How should we understand post-war art? How were issues of cultural transfer and curatorial strategies dealt with in the extended 1960s – the era of pop? Art in Transfer in the Era of Pop juxtaposes issues and contexts approaching the concept and reception of Pop Art. Contributors from Europe and beyond weave a web that resists the notion of universialism, adding to art historian Piotr Piotrowski’s “horizontal” art history. This volume avoids the historiographic stance where the US—Europe relationship appears to be a one-way affair. Instead, the reader is drawn into the history of the circulation and cross-pollination of ideas, the aesthetic practices and the various contexts that influenced them.